-Tips to prepare for a cabin, float or camp trip-
"Do Not Over Pack"


1.     Keep in mind that any clothes or sleeping bag that you bring that contains feathers or cotton may get wet on their own due to the humidity.  They will stay wet the whole week.  I recommend any manufactured poly, fleece, or silk clothing and sleeping bag you can find.  It is not necessary to spend big dollars on Patagonia etc.  Just think polyester or fleece.  Wool is O.K. but tends to reek odors before the week is over.

2.     Do Not Over Pack-  Do Not Over Pack
Anything that can be shared should be shared.  If everyone on a trip brought everything on the list, you will be over weight! It has been my experience that the more stuff that you bring just gets in the way when you are trying to find the essentials. Do Not Over Pack.

3.     Each airline passenger is allowed 2 checked bags 50lb or less and 1 for carry on. 

4.     All of your clothes should fit into a sleeping bag-sized compression sack.  If they donít fit, you have too much! Do not Over Pack.

5.      Avoid bringing any hard sided luggage, as it is too bulky to pack in the tail of your floatplane.  Tape all of your fishing poles and or holders together so they will count as one piece of checked luggage.  If you have less than 2 checked bags per person, you may want to put 2 or 3 of your compression bags into a duffle type soft bag and check it as one.  Heavy cardboard boxes taped well in all directions make great luggage for food stuffs and beer.  You can leave them behind at the end of your visit.