-Laws of the Land-

1.              Please do not leave anything behind on the river for any reason.  You will find this area to be the most pristine you have ever experienced and it will be up to us to keep it that way. (Duet 7:12-13)

2.              If camping please dig a common privy 100 minimum from any established campsites and 100 from the river 12x 16 deep.  Bury feces and paper when leaving campsite, no exceptions.  (Duet. 23:12-13) Pissing out doors is not allowed within 50' of docking area, board walk, cabin, or shed.  Use the funnel.

        3.      Please consider leaving any unused food or supplies at Terry's Tundra for the next guest when you depart for home.
        (Proverbs 21:20)

4.             We will bag all non-burnable plastic and metal garbage and ask you to fly it out.  There is a dumpster @ Branch River Air to put it in. (1Corinthians 3: 8-9)

5.      Notice:  Anyone who becomes drunk, disorderly, belligerent, or rude in any manor to any one on the river or at Terry's Tundra will be asked to return to King Salmon for the duration of your trip and never invited to return. (Proverbs 20:1)

6.             We practice Catch and Release only, unless you accidentally kill a fish, or fish that will be eaten that day.  Fish in camp or at cabin unnecessarily draws bears.  It is against the Alaska Fish and Game regulations to remove fish from the water if you are going to release them.  Upon your arrival we will have a quick demo on how to Catch and Release where you and the fish both feel lucky.
(Matthew 10:8)

7.               Even though you will be 125 miles from the nearest town, you may run across an occasional guide boat with clients from Painter Creek Lodge.  (Check out the pictures on their web site). (Leviticus 19: 33-34) www.paintercreeklodge.com  Please dont be afraid to kill them with kindness, and give them wide berth.  We are only here to share the river in harmony. Remember their clients are paying good money to be in this remote part of Alaska, and we do not want to spoil their solitude. (Romans 12: 10)