What will my cost be?


      1. Your plane ticket to King Salmon AK.  Approximately $1000.00 per person from Fresno.

2. Fishing License at http://www.sf.adfg.state.ak.us or at the gift shop
next to the airport before 5:30pm (Within Walking Distance). Approximately $50.00

3. Groceries for your group + two more people. (Optional B.Y.O.B.)

4. Round trip float plane approx. 1 ˝ hrs each way with Branch River Air, please have a credit card or a check payable to Branch River Air for $2300.00 at the beginning of your trip

      5. Four people and gear total weight not to exceed 1,250 pounds. Do not over pack!

      6.  Spinners are my weapon of choice. Blue Fox #4 & #5 seem to be the best.  A Silver colored blade and any color body knocks them dead.  I would say bring 5 per person with good ball bearing snap swivels. If you prefer to fly fish, teach me please.

Important!     Please be sure to pick up a courier package from Terry Tuell Concrete
 the day before leaving Fresno and bring it with you.


-Items I will need to bring for a visit-  

Sleeping Bag

1 pairs of Long Johns

2 rolls of Paper towels

3 Pair Sock’s and Chonis

2 rolls of Toilet paper

Fleece shirt and pants

50 paper plates

Sock Hat

Hip or Chest Waders

Good Rain Pants & Jacket

Sunglasses & Sunscreen

2 tee shirts

Hat with Visor

Gloves (optional)

Fishing License

BYOB (optional)

Needle Nose Pliers

Swim trunks (optional)

Pocket Knife

Food Supplies for your group + 2

Shaving Kit

Signed Disclaimer

Small Towel & Face Cloth

Small Head Lamp

Camera Slippers or Zories