-Tips for Traveling-

1.   Choose one person in your group to be Pack master.  Your Pack master should consider a dress rehearsal a day or two before    departing Fresno.  This will help with the weighing of checked baggage and people to make sure you are within limits.  Itís a good idea to have everything ready but your ice chest that you can pack the morning of departure.  Remember No boxes or bags to exceed 50lb.
2.  It is very important to start your journey on the 6:00am Horizon flight to Seattle.  Be there a full 2 hours ahead of time to make sure you are first in line to have baggage inspected.  With that much gear it may take 20 or more minutes to check everythingBy being early you can stack your gear at the front of the line and insure it will all get on your flight.
3.  Freeze anything that you can including Egg Beaters, lunchmeat, filtered water in bottles etc. this will act as your ice for the first the few days.  Do not bring ice in your chest the airlines will not allow it.
4.  I cannot stress enough to pre weigh every body and all gear. Everyone packs too heavy the first time.  It is no fun to start leaving gear and clothes behind at the float dock because someone over packs. 
5.  Upon arrival in King Salmon you should immediately touch base with the Branch River Air 246-3437 to make sure you will be flying out that same day.( They may be there already to pick you up- Look for a sign before calling BRA), BRA will pick you and your gear up at the airport, and take you to the River Dock.
You will find that from the King Salmon Airport any last minute items you may need are within walking distance.  (Beer, Eggs, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Fishing License, Etc.)
7.   If for some reason (weather or logistics) you have to spend the night in town, there are two hotels within walking distance.  The King Ko Inn ( 907-246-3377), which tends to be noisy and a bit more pricey, or the Antler Inn that is a bit more homey (907-246-8525).  If they have room, they usually will help you move your gear with their van.  If you are weathered in over night,  stay in touch with B.R.A. and they will pick you and your gear up at the hotel when it is time to fly out. 
8.   If you are stranded an extra day or two at Terry's Tundra due to weather, consider yourself lucky and go back to fishing.  Alaska Airlines expects possible delays on people going home and does not charge for changing your return flight.  If you are traveling with your boss, well no sweat.  If you are not, you may want to let him / her know of a possible delay upon returning home.