-Tips for a Safe Visit-


1.                            Never wander off by yourself without protection from bears such as Pepper spray or shooter. Let someone at the cabin know where you are going to be if you want to hike or go fishing. Try not to venture off alone.

2.                            Be sure to have a life vest for everyone in the boat, a fire extinguisher, and first aid kit at all times.

3.                            Become familiar with the satellite phone operation in case of an emergency.

4.                            Be careful of several low overhead areas, and use hard hat when in the shed.  The original owner must have been 4’6”tall.

5.                            Be aware and do not rub your skin against any Pushke.  It is worse than Poison Oak. Ask me and I’ll I.D. it for you.

6.                            Do not handle guns or filet knives around the cabin.  They are either loaded or razor sharp.  Do not fire weapons needlessly- It scares off the wild life

7.                            Take care when casting so not to hook someone with your spinner.

8.                            There are several sinkholes on the trails from time to time- sometimes they are covered with grass.  Be aware- they are a leg breaker.